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    [Suggestion] LSFD commands and abilities

    Suggestion's title:: LSFD commands and abilities

    What are you suggesting?: More commands and abilities for LSFD, like /break walls (/bw) and /ladder to be able to climb up to a roof or something.

    Suggestion's description (More Information):: LSFD has a lot of great commands, but there's still missing some abilities, that may help firefighters actually complete extinguishing a fire inside a building. I would like to have a command that lets firefighters be able to "break walls" (Wont break it, but maybe just be able to go through it?). I would also like to see the ability to use ladders to climb up to a roof or a second floor of a house to actually be able to do our work proper.

    The reason for this suggestion is because a lot of fire spawns outside someone's interior walls and we can't get rid of the fire if we can't reach out to the fire behind a wall.

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    Then you can get insurance branch to repair them walls.

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    I suggested this shit so many times but it never happened. The fire department is the most under rated faction on this server, the management and staff team simply don't give a flying fuck about it. I learned to deal with what I had, if people complained to me then I'd tell them to go complain to Vik or whomever was running the community at the time as it wasn't my problem.

    But yeah, I support this never the less. Doubt it'll happen because of how slow shit works here, but yeah.
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    But yeah, I support this never the less. Doubt it'll happen because of how slow it works here, but yeah.

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    Pending more input. I will close the other suggestion regarding this, given this has more content to it.

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    Oh and to add my opinion on the matter. I see that many FD members have suggested this now, therefore I can only assume it's needed. It has my support.

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    Will be implemented in a far future update.

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    2 ladders added to /cblock as temporary feature on .226c

    /ladder command will be added eventually.

    Wall breaking is kek.
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