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    It is hereby ordered, that due to the absence of an elected official serving in the Office of the Mayor, Jessica Madrigal is to be appointed as Interim Mayor until further notice. Once a candidate has been picked in the voting process, outlined by the San Andreas State Constitution, Jessica Madrigal will have been replaced in her position by the new individual serving in the Office of the Mayor. With the temporary position, Jessica Madrigal will be expected to fulfill all duties and responsibilities outlined in the San Andreas State Constitution.

    Quote Originally Posted by The State Constitution of San Andreas
    The Mayor of Los Santos

    1. The Mayor of Los Santos is the democratically elected leader of the City Council.
    2. The Mayor has a seat on all committees within the Municipal Government.
    3. The Mayor acts as the Speaker for the City Council, which means they have the ability to issue suspensions to Councilmen who are violating assembly laws.
    4. As Speaker, the Mayor resides and helps orchestrate Council meetings and Committees.
    5. As the leader of the City Council, the Mayor has the ability to introduce & vote on legislation being introduced to the assembly.
    6. If a seat in the Council is vacant, the Mayor has the ability to recommend, although not appoint, a future Councilmen.
    7. The Mayor expected to act as a liaison between the Police Department and Fire Department to ensure their financial needs are met.
    8. The Mayor is responsible for the administration of the Los Santos City Government.

    It is so ordered,
    June 2nd, 2017, written and signed:
    The Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas

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