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    Oh and another thing, this whole warehouse system is fucked. Warehouses should be customized to what a faction is roleplaying. Like for example if a faction is roleplaying a cartel should they only be limited to drugs and handguns??? No.... They should get AKs/M4s, dgls and the big drugs. But this warehouse system limits the roleplay of all factions. I understand that people would want to abuse it and have the best things in their warehouses, but asking an admin and talking into it and discussing it should be possible. Get a custom one. For example like Chopperville should get drugs, tec/uzi and 9mm/dgl because handguns arent rare around gang members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel Kage View Post
    not everyone though. not every gang should be limited to drug warehouses and not every mob should be a gun faction, it will all depend on their roleplay and quality.
    Exactly, I never seen a Street Gang with weapon warehouses.. I only seen them with drugs.. I also seen a mexican faction with weapon warehouses.

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