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    [Ban Appeal] Clayante Maxwell || Vin - 25-06-17

    The name you used when you got banned: Clayante Maxwell

    Staff member that banned you:: Vin Loman

    Where are you banned? (Game Server, Forums, Shoutbox, Teamspeak): Game Server

    Why have you been banned?:: Bug abusing

    Why should we consider lifting your ban?: First of all, I'd like to say that I did not have any intention to bug abuse and gain an advantage by abusing a bug. I'm here having fun with my faction Chopperville Piru, nothing else. This may be irrelevant but I have never ever held a weapon before in-game nor have I shot someone, simple because I care more about providing the server the high level roleplay it needs rather than shooting around causing people to leave the server.

    Anything you would like to add?:: I would like to receive a second chance.

    Posting for gold as he's banned

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    Moved to correct section. Wait for Vin to reply.

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    You did have intentions of bug abusing, you reproduced it on multiple occasions. Not even me catching you red-handed was enough. I gave you a lot of breathing room with this bug. I went around to clear broken vests twice. No, you intended to abuse this bug. Why should I unban you?

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    Title updated to reflect proper labelling procedures.

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    Because i hahe never held a weapon on PR-RP. Like I mentioned before, I'm here to roleplay and fullfil my duties as a fellow community member. I would also like to add that I have been a former Forum Moderator so I do respect this community. I did not want to harm anybody nor did I want to disturb their roleplay. I'm not asking much.

    I am not going on vacation so I do have plenty of time to spend on PR-RP most likely due to me breaking my leg in real life because of a tragic car accident.

    Please count me in your prayers and help me make PR-RP as great as it once was.

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    I recall you once getting banned for hacking in a minigun and killing everyone in idlewood? Long time ago, won't dwell on it.

    Can be unbanned 25th of June.

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