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    [Radio Presenter | Radio Host Application ] Malik Jones

    Full name: MALIK JONES
    Address of residence: 12/a Brystal Avenue, Idlewood 2755.
    Contact umber: 2755

    Any radio experience?: I used to run my own online Internet Hip Hop radio station with 150 average listeners.
    Why should we choose you and not anyone else?: I have the motivation and drive to take RLS to the places it needs to be, I am reliable and dedicated to a goal, I am experienced and wont let anyone down and I mesh well with how the Radio Industry works.
    What would your DJ name would be?: DJ LUCKY
    Type of music / genre: HIPHOP/RAP/R&B
    Would you be willing to host any shows?: I would host events with boxing promotions and contests with raffles.

    OOC: Do you have any experience in broadcasting with SAM Broadcaster or any other broadcasting softwares?: No I am oldschool Script RLS hoster.
    OOC: Do you own a working microphone?: Yeah.
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