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    #003 Pig Pen

    Pig Pen

    Location of the business: East LS B-3

    Make sure you read the auction rules located here before you place a bid. If you fail to follow the rules you can be temporarily banned from participating in auctions. Random checks will be done; your bid will be considered invalid if you do not have the money in your hand/bank.

    You may sell this property to other players. We hold the right to remove the property, if it hasn't been opened for two weeks without proper notification.

    Starting bid: 300,000$
    Step-up bid: 50,000$

    In-game name:
    All bids are final and cannot be retracted. Good luck!
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    In-game name: Joseph_Dragna
    Bid: 300,000$.

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    In-Game name : Carmine Nastri
    Bid : 350k

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    MON€¥ G▲NG Mirza's Avatar
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    Carmelo Taylor

    bid; 400,000$

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirza View Post
    Carmelo Taylor

    bid; 400,000$
    Standing bid. Auction closes in... 11 hours.

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    Riku Saito

    Bid: 750k

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    Carmine Nastri


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    Invalid bid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jondetti View Post
    Carmine Nastri

    Winning bid. You'll be allotted the business after you send me the proof of you /charity'ing the money.

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