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    Council Member Application [OPEN]

    The City Council of Los Santos
    Council Member Application

    If you which to apply to become a council member and join the City Council, please read the information below.

    Council Member Requirements:

    • You need to be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
    • Being convicted of felonies could lower your chance of acceptance but each case is decided on a case by case basis by the Governorís Office.
    • You need be a resident of the State of San Andreas for at least six (6) years.

    Council Member Duties:

    • As a council member, you have a duty to represent your local community at the City Council.
    • As a council member, you are required to abide by the law at all times and will be held to high standards.
    • As a council member, you must conduct yourself appropriately, no physical violence, corruption or criminal activity should take place. As a public official, you are expected to act professionally.
    • As a council member, you have to have a good understanding of state legislations, city council, acts and legal duties and activities.
    • Experiences in the field of law and law enforcement are preferred but not required.
    • As a council member, you shall serve three (3) months term unless you resign or you are removed from your duties.


    Please use the format below and email your applications at ((Forum PM Tom James))

    HTML Code:
    [B]Full Name:[/B]
    [B]Contact Number:[/B]
    [B]Why do you want to join the City Council:[/B]
    [B]Do you have any experience in this line of work:[/B]
    [B]Do you have a criminal record, if yes please explain yourself in detail:
    Tell us about yourself:[/B]
    [B]What are your goals during your three (3) month term in the council:[/B]
    ((OOC Section: 
    [B]What roleplay experience do you have in general:[/B]
    [B]What roleplay experience do you have related to government and political roleplay:[/B]
    [B]The role of council member can be time demanding, are you ready to commit the time needed for your role:[/B]
    [B]What are you OOC interests in applying for the role?[/B]
    [B]Please explain your job and duties as a council member:[/B]
    [B]There are rules, policies and regulations set by Government Faction, do you agree to follow them:[/B]
    [B]Do you have an admin punishment record, if yes please explain yourself:[/B]

    ((Your application will have to be reviewed by the Government Management before they are passed on to the council. Due to the early state of the Council, we will only have three temporary council member seats for now. ))
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    Council member applications are now open. We currently have three vacancies to fill.

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    Applications will close on Monday 14th, August at 23:00, GMT. Applications will be reviewed after that. Thank you to everyone who is taking the time to apply.

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