Dear judges, the firm named ''Prescott Entertainment Studio'' is requesting court protection for the following contract.
We would like the courts to be available for criminal prosecution incase of any of the Articles have been breached.

Both the employer and employee have already signed and agreed to the terms and conditions stated.

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Employment Contract of Pre-determined Period

The involved:
Prescott Entertainment Studios
Marina A-2
Here after ''employer''


Mister F. Green
Los Santos, SA
Here after ''employee''

Have agreed to the following:

Article I - Start of Employment, Employment Period
  1. Employee will enter employment on Monday, August 7th, 2017.
  2. The first two weeks serve as probation and trial period. During this period, the employer or the employee may terminate this contract at any time for any reason or no reason.
  3. The contract will end at such time anyway, when the employee reached the maximum working age by law and has to retire.
  4. This employment contract has been made with a pre-determined time, which will end on Sunday, December 10th, 2017.
  5. Termination is possible from both parties involved before December 10th, 2017. The San Andreas Penal Code and Labour Code aswell as Workers Rights have to been taken into consideration.
  6. Employee declares to be well-informaed about the procedures and rules which apply within the working environment. This is a vital part of the agreement.
  7. Changes within these procedures may happen without notice.

Article II - Function and Work Environment
  1. Employee will fullfill the function of Driver, employee will execute the said duties as instructed during induction.
  2. Employee is legally obligated to execute any and all exercises that are within reasonable limits and are asked to be done by the employer.
  3. Cars that fall under the employee his working environment are the Limousine, Range Rover (( Huntley )), and the Audi A6 (( Sultan ))
  4. Employer preserves the right to deny the employee his duties.

Article III - Employment / Working Schedule
  1. Employee has a mandated ''two-tour'' minimum to which he and the employer must keep. The employee is entitled to the execution of his duties atleast twice a week to deserve payment. A maximum amount of executions of the employee his duty is not set.
  2. Employee is mandated to be present at company meetings. These are to be announced two weeks beforehand.
  3. due to incident or any other issue / event, the employer may ask the employee to work overtime. Overtime will be be taken as a bonus into the weekly paycheck.

Article IV - Holidays, and Vacations
  1. The employee will not be paid during holidays or vacations, unless when the employee is executing his duties for the employer at that time.
  2. The employee has a total right for 4 weeks (28 days in total) vacations and/or holidays. Extended vacations / holidays can be negotiated with the employer.

Article V - Illness and long-lasting absence
  1. If the employee is unable to work due to reasons that includes the health and wellbeing, it is mandated to contact the employer immediately. Failure to do so will result in disciplinairy actions.

Article VI - Paycheck and Billing
  1. Employee and employer agreed on a total of $400,00 (four hundred dollars) paycheck during the Sundays in coalition with the employment contract.
  2. Any and all fines that have been issued to the employee during the excercise of his duties are to be paid by the employee, unless it was the cause of the employer.

Article VII - Additional Agreements and Protocols
  1. Employees are mandated to wear appropiate clothing for his duties. For males, this includes what is known as ''a good looking suit'' to any reasonable person. For females, it is not allowed to show too much of the feminime parts of their body.

Protocol during robberies
During robberies, the employee is to ''obey and survive''. The employee is strictly prohibited to act as ''hero'', to try and subdue to assailants. Employees are to obey the assailants and listen to their instructions to ensure a peacefull and safe outcome of the situation. Employees are to observe and report, and to closely monitor the assailants their movements, listen to their voice, observe the built and possibly remember their faces for later identification.

Article IIX - Confidential Information
  1. Employee is not allowed to leak out any company information, including this contract. Failure to adhire this will result in contract termination.
  2. As alternative, a fine of six times the monthly salary may also be applied.

Article IX - Contract
  1. This contract can only be overruled by writtten agreement between the employee and employer. Without written agreement, ruling of the contract remains in effect.
  2. A change in the contract will be made clear by the employer one month beforehand. Employee can appeal these changes.

This agreement has been agreed to, in Los Santos SA on August 5th, 2017.

Kayleigh Prescott,
CEO Prescott Entertainment Studios

Fedarius Green