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    lost my password

    Your In Game name:: Brandon_Xiong

    The item(s) that you have lost:: Password

    How did that happen?:: I changed my password a month ago or something and I don't remember, I can prove that it is my account, give u old name old password ip's and I can tell you what ig items I have.

    I didn't know I should've used this forum so I made a thread on LOST STUFF, here it is

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    Your IPs don't match up.

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    My ip's are dynamic and I changed them lately so look for the first three numbers plus if you don't believe me I'll give u my old password, my old name before I nc'd what fac I rpd with, what items I have ingame, what is my secret word all in pms.

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    Ill take over thus case, ill do.some digging and will msg you if i require any more information or if there is any issues

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    Alright, I already made a new account ingame but I had so much stuff in my old acc.

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