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    None of my guns will fire Stephen_Bennett

    Hello, I have noticed that none of my weapons will shoot and yes they all have ammo. Am I bugged or could it be something else? Please help my in game name is Stephen_Bennett.

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    What is your ping like when you are playing?

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    Is your weapon loaded? If it's just the weapon object in hand type /reload.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    What is your ping like when you are playing?
    my ping is 126
    and my guns are all loaded

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    I spoke with the user IG. The weapon is working without any problem with me. But it is not shooting for him. So it might be a problem from the user's GTA files or maybe he downloaded a mod and then tried to remove it which caused a bug in the weapon itself for him.
    Asked the user to re install GTA and then he must check if the problem still exists.
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    If your ping is like staying around 126 you shouldn't have problems with that so no.
    I play from 70 to 120+130.
    All of my guns works perfectly, I don't know maybe you have some problems with GTA, try reistalling it. May fix it.
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    Did you press Y to make sure the ammo is loaded?
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