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    [Ban Appeal] Josh (Lumiere)

    The name you used when you got banned: Josh (Lumiere)

    Staff member that banned you:: Vortex.

    Where are you banned? (Game Server, Forums, Shoutbox, Teamspeak): Teamspeak.

    Why have you been banned?:: I was basically banned for a bullshit teamspeak rule. which is as follows: <21:52:37> You were banned for 1 day from the server by "Vortex." (6. Staying in a private channel unwelcomed is not allowed.) And all I did was join Jan's ts channel to chat with Rashon and Kevin Mali who're my two friends from an old community. I was kicked three times cause of Jan not allowing me to chat with Kevin and Rashon. than Vortex banned me for ts rule six.

    Why should we consider lifting your ban?: Because I didn't do nothing wrong besides me wanting to chat with a few friends of mine.

    Anything you would like to add?:: Nope nothing.

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    You were asked multiple times to leave, I even asked you to.

    Your ban is a day long, serve the punishment.

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