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    PR-RP Subscriptions

    PR-RP Subscriptions

    If you are planning to donate, please follow these steps.
    • Head to the payment location
    • Choose your package and make sure you selected the correct one.
    • Donate for your item.
    • Head to the format confirmation
    • Fill in the form and submit it, management will set your perks as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions regarding the subscriptions, do not hesitate to contact Vin.
    We are working on automating the donation process via UCP.
    Club Package ($8 USD A Month) (3 Months $20 USD) (6 Months $30 USD)
    • Payday interest %0.3 of the bank money per payday (max 700$)
    • Free / discounted items at 24/7, cluckin' bell, pizza stack, burger shack, bars.
    • 33% discount in ammunation
    • Free /v color
    • Free Paint and Spray
    • All house and business furniture is free for owned properties
    • No cool-down after doing a job route.
    • No entrance fees when entering businesses
    • 50% off hospital bills

    Premium Package ($20 USD Lifetime)

    • Special color for your stats on the game server
    • Special premium forum user-group
    • Able to spawn your own boombox and set your own station (limited 1 spawned)
    • Your own TeamSpeak Channel on our TS Server
    • 10 Name changes
    • All Bronze / Silver / Gold Items

    Gold Package ($15 USD Lifetime)

    • Vehicle ticket for any free vehicle of your choice (Up to 150k the rest has to be paid by you)
    • Free Custom License Plates
    • 5 Name changes
    • All Bronze / Silver Items

    Silver Package ($10 USD Lifetime)

    • Free gas at gas station
    • Free colors and components at the Mod Shop
    • Access to use /pmmsg command which allows you to set a auto-PM message when someone messages you
    • 3 Name changes
    • All Bronze Items

    Bronze Package ($5 USD Lifetime)

    • Customized phone number (/changephone)
    • (/blockpm) command feature
    • 2 Name changes
    • Special forum user-group

    Vehicle Ticket ($10/ ticket) (Only for accounts with GOLD/PREMIUM)
    • Purchase a vehicle for free with the price up to $150k
    • Or purchase a vehicle with a $150k discount.

    Name Change Ticket ($1 per name change.)
    • Change your in-game name without having to pay $15k
    Terms and Conditions

    Each and every one of these packages are NON-REFUNDABLE, these subscription perks will be supplied within 7 days maximum; and if you become banned from the server or change your mind, you are not able to be refunded!
    As you become a subscriber of this server, you are expected to follow all of PR-RP's rules located HERE and the subscriber status will not prevent you from getting banned.
    PR-RP Management also reserves the right to alter the script and modify subscription perks at any given time without any notice.
    PR-RP's Subscriptions equate 1 month to 30 days.
    By submitting a donation form, you agree to these terms and conditions.
    (Any subscribers who open up a PayPal dispute falsely under terms negated throughout these Terms and Conditions, you may become permanently banned from this server.)

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    Donations have been enabled.

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    Custom Houses & Custom Businesses have been removed as donation options.

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